• The Contribution Compass profile report is scarily accurate!

    Zsofia Ivony Heavy Chef Internship
  • I can’t recall when last I have received results of this calibre. Very informative and precise.

    Malcolm Perret South Africa
  • I have completed the Contribution Compass Survey and have been classified as a Cultivator, a perfect match I feel to my character and traits.

    Reeson Gounden South Africa
  • Wow, ok, that makes sense. It amazes me at how close this profile really is to who I am.

    Roanne Doyle South Africa
  • This is so me ! My biggest insight is that I have always been a team player, and have always been respected by my peers and juniors, but never really thought about what it really meant or why.

    Jennifer Reddy South Africa
  • Having taken a break to raise our family, I felt directionless when thinking of re-entering the workplace. The Contribution Compass opened my eyes to my natural energy so I could look for a fulfilling career in line with who I really am.

    Claire Knight United Kingdom

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Contribution Compass helps you to focus on what creates the most value for you and for your organisation. The more we actually allow ourselves to operate within our natural energy, and refine our skills accordingly, the more effective we become and the more valuable we make our contribution.

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